OroborO – Laughing Death

Release Date: 1/12/18

Photo by Razz Cacho

OroborO is a new band from Western Massachusetts, and even though Laughing Death only came out in the second week of January, it is on track to easily be one of the best albums of the year. One of the best albums this decade, even. Oroboro’s music defies easy categorization – it’s like they took the best parts of late ’70’s Art Rock/Post-punk, early ’90’s Noise Rock, and early ’00’s Math Rock and, like the best of these examples, worked to keep it accessible while remaining authentic and artistic. Then, someone in the band says metal’s kinda cool too, let’s sprinkle some of that in there in carefully measured doses for maximum impact and dramatics. The vocalist sounds somewhere between Katy Perry and Hayley Williams except far more eclectic, and dare I say, expressive… also likely not influenced by either of those vocalists. Then in those few moments she screams? Oh boy. Really powerful and original stuff. Every song on this album is an adventure. It’s been a while since I caught a band this early in their come-up and this is an absolute must listen. As a band member or an avid music listener, you could hardly hope for a better debut album.

Highlights: “Little Centipede,” “I Love You”

Rating: 4.5/5

Purchase: Bandcamp



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