Asschapel – Fire and Destruction

Release Date: 2003


Asschapel were an American band from Nashville, Tennessee – an aberrant, unholy mix between hardcore punk and black metal, with a level of heaviness atypical to both. Imagine the raw aggression of ‘80’s hardcore, but with the darkness of black metal and a vocal style that lies somewhere between the two styles, plus musical passages that inevitably leads to compulsive head banging. For the comparison sake, I suppose the genre most often associated with this mixture of sounds is d-beat, though Asschapel leans a little more to the metal side than the typical d-beat band, such as Tragedy or From Ashes Rise.

It’s hard to know else there really is to say about this album, and in this case, that’s a good thing – if you can appreciate fast, heavy, raw, aggressive music, there is nothing not to like love here. The album has a short run time, keeping the initiated listener engaged throughout… a veritable whirlwind of the aforementioned high-energy mixture of sounds.

This album is part of an anthology album released by Southern Lord in 2016 titled Total Destruction (1999-2006). The first 12 tracks of which, are comprised of the entirety of Fire and Destruction. The anthology also includes their excellent preceding release Total Worship from 2001, which makes up the following 12 tracks. The remainder contains tracks from a couple other 7”/EP releases.

Highlights: “Unholy Destruction,” “The Battle Axe,” “Carcass Bloody Carcass”

Rating: 4.25/5

Purchase: Southern Lord



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