Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon

Release Date: 2/5/16

Photo by Mark Valentino

Long Island’s Moon Tooth, one of the most exciting metal bands from the region, released unto the world a real gem of an album with Chromaparagon.

Chromaparagon is by turns energetic, heavy, aggressive, and typically melodic, peppered with only a few harsh vocals and featuring an unusual soulful vocal style for the associated genre, being somewhat reminiscent, to my ears, of David Lee Roth. Chromaparagon is a truly unique record. The band’s sound falls somewhere between Melvins, Torche, and Mastodon, except frequently both heavier and more energetic than these bands. Their live performances are surely a testament to these observations. Add in some blues-inspired riffing and, like several of the aforementioned bands, you can only expect the unexpected.

These are talented musicians, writing impressive riffs and songs featuring hairpin turns to disparate genres that somehow manage to be fused relatively seamlessly into a sound that’s largely entirely their own. Going back to the point of live performances, they are truly an impressive spectacle to behold all around, whether it’s simply viewing the musicianship firsthand or just for the energy levels.

Their preceding EP Freaks is also well worth a listen. Moon Tooth are currently in the studio recording their follow-up LP.

Highlights: “Queen Wolf,” “Igneous,” “Vesuvius II,” “Belt Squeezer”. The vocal performance on “White Stag”

Rating: 4/5

Purchase: Bandcamp




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