Vvon Dogma I – Communion EP

Release Date: 10/27/17

Montréal’s Vvon Dogma I, led by 9-string bassist CaotH, former bassist of the disbanded experimental metal band Unexpect, features a level of twist and turns you’d expect from the mind of someone who took part in writing for a band such as Unexpect. This is not to say Vvon Dogma I’s sound is anything like Unexpect’s. In fact, they cover shockingly unsimilar ground. When Vvon Dogma I gets heavy, it’s heavy. The heaviness on this EP is more akin to djent than the type of heaviness Unexpect ever performed. The vocals are all through a vocoder, Cynic-style.The first track is a strings-only piece. Actually, it’s a string arrangement with what sounds like synthesized strings layered on top of an actual acoustic violin. Throughout the EP’s four tracks, numerous subgenres of electronic music are crossed, which is probably the most surprising aspect of this release, as there was very little hint of this type of influence in Unexpect’s music. “Communion” features some of the EP’s finest moments – reference the surprising dubstep-esque synth whooshes when the track just starts getting heavy. The last two tracks play out much the same. A mix of electronic influences and djent-like heaviness with vocoded vocals. This EP won’t satiate the desire of those missing Unexpect, but no doubt, it’s a worthy addition to CaotH’s canon.

The band announced on 3/18/18 another EP is on the way.

Highlights: “Communion”
Rating: 3.5/5
Purchase/Listen: Bandcamp



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