This Heat – This Heat

Release Date: September 1978

Photo: Paste Magazine (click picture for link to awesome interview as well!)

If you like music that makes you feel happy, with obvious structure and a strong sense of melody, steer clear. If on the other hand, experimentation and dissonance are your go-to’s, well then you’re in for a real spectacle of experimental music.

Formed during the budding post-punk movement of the late ‘70’s, This Heat’s incredibly bold and defiant debut self-titled album is an absurdist experimental masterwork featuring odd improvisations, experiments with tape splicing, sparse vocal arrangements, and dynamic tracks with rarely a sense of melody. The atmosphere is utterly foreboding.

This Heat are historically one of the lesser explored groups of the varying left field sub-genres of the late ‘70’s, but they have been referenced in some unexpected places in popular culture in more recent years. Experimental supergroup The Sound of Animals Fighting released a song in the bands style titled “This Heat” on their 2006 album Lover, The Lord Has Left Us…. Then there’s the quite-cutting-edge-himself rapper, Danny Brown, who sampled “Horizontal Hold,” which is arguably the best track on the album, on the song “Adderall Admiral” from his 2011 album XXX.

This Heat only released two albums. Their 1981 follow-up Deceit, is another highly recommended piece of experimental music, arguably even better than their debut. Deceit is slightly less dissonant, features more vocal arrangements, is more energetic, and contains what is possibly the earliest example of using screaming in a song.

You’re going to need a proverbial palate cleanser.

Highlights: “Horizontal Hold,” “24 Track Loop,” “Music Like Escaping Gas,” “The Fall of Saigon”
Rating: 4.5/5
Purchase: Bandcamp


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