6ix9ine – DAY69

Release Date: 2/23/18


You want to hate it. You can’t. You want to hate him. You… well, you might. Dude’s bringing back that ultra-hard Gangsta Rap, except with modern Trap flare, plus the to-be-expected “SoundCloud Rapper” image, face tattoos and all, as you can above. Good thing he’s essentially “made” it already.

Not that I want to lead more people away from metal and hardcore, but the gym is where the more casual listener tends to listen to heavier music. 6ix9ine renders rock-based music even less relevant in the mainstream in this regard. Right from the beginning “BILLY” is an absolutely banging, heavy, energetic song. I can’t even explain how strange it feels to be writing while listening to this, rather than running or something.

This is followed up by a more chill-vibes and melodic track, “GUMMO”, which is one of his better known tracks already and is indeed quite catchy. Things go slightly awry with both “RONDO” and “KEKE”, where the featured rappers do that modern rap-singing thing that you’d expect from a Rae Sremmurd and his ilk. I guess we can name drop Fetty Wap here, since he’s actually on “KEKE”. To 6ix9ine’s credit, these songs are still high-energy, and pretty catchy to boot, but they sound like they’re on here to explicitly to sell records streams.

We’re right back with the killing-people-then-throwing-a-party-shit with “93”. This style to me is when this form of rap feels the most alive. This track is also closest to the stereotypical SoundCloud Trap sound – just reference the lo-fi distorted bass. “DOOWEE” is much in the same style and by this point you will probably realize 6ix9ine is quite one-dimensional when it comes to actually being a rapper, but what he does, he does well.

Next up, another of 6ix9ine’s most popular tracks “KOODA”, which is incredibly catchy, and the lyrics are fuuucked up:

“You can talk hot on the internet, boy
That’s that goofy shit, we ain’t into that, boy
Black van, pull up to your momma crib, boy
Tie her up, drive that shit off a bridge, lil’ boy”

I also think it’s hilarious, but my humor is dark as a black hole. “BUBA” is another dark, heavy track. Again, I’ll reiterate how strange it is writing to this. I might just head outside and punch someone then start writing again. I’ll let you know how that goes.

“MOOKY” is another banger, featuring really cool sounding slightly dissonant, sliding synth parts, with some subwoofer-range booming bass and 6ix9ine rap-yelling, as he does.

The “GUMMO” remix is completely unnecessary. Especially just to feature Offset. For real for real? I begrudgingly admit, the last track, “CHOCOLATÉ” does get stuck in my head. The featured vocalist doing those “whoa-oh’s” makes for quite a memorable vocal hook, and there are several synth parts that are ear worms themselves. I wouldn’t say it’s a very strong track though. In fact, it seems to be here for variety’s sake, and the music itself seems to call for more nuance, something with which 6ix9ine doesn’t quite excel at.

Overall though, this release is so much better than you’d expect or want it to be. Oh well?

Scuuuum gaaaaang.

Highlights: “BILLY”, “GUMMO”, “KOODA”, “BUBA”, “MOOKY”
Rating: 3.75/5


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