Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It

Release Date: 3/2/18


The British experimental mathcore outfit returns with their fifth full-length effort, Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It; a grand display of pristine musicianship, intricate songwriting, and raw emotion.

Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It marks the second output from the most recent lineup of the band, which was solidified prior to their last full-length album, Grievances. The band spent 18 months touring in support for Grievances, fostering an undeniable chemistry within the group that spearheaded the writing process for Time Will Die… The Band is known for their sonic, energetic live performances. According to an interview with, lead writer James Spence stated that they had strived to capture that live energy and apply it to the album.

“We wanted to capture our live energy and put it into our new material. I didn’t want to just write, tour the record, stop and then start again, we wanted it to flow.”

Not only is that bolstering energy vibrant throughout the entirety of Time Will Die…, but it is accompanied by a myriad of sublime, atmospheric passages that highlight the band’s ability to seamlessly shift direction. Eva Spence’s vocal delivery on “Aftermath” gently cascades over shimmering guitar before ascending to soaring heights through a chorus laden with pulsing synthesizer. As the instruments fade out, and bleed over into the following track, “Rituals”, the mood quickly shifts to a brief flirtation with doom, before exploding into blast-beat driven chaos. Gorgeous vocals give way to guttural screams as the band rips away at their respective instruments. The track shines as one of the band’s finest moments; showcasing their ability to stop and start on a dime, while effortlessly transitioning into a hook. And yet, it’s only just begun.

Throughout the album you will find Rolo Tomassi moving through elements of mathcore, post rock, doom, hardcore, pop, and prog, honing each shift with precision. This further cements them as a band that refuses to be tethered by any genre limitations.

“The Hollow Hour” emerges with a ghostly riff, a continuation of Chris Cayford’s fantastic guitar work, and is an impressive demonstration of the band’s capability to weld technically proficient instrumental outbursts, and highly melodic harmonies. The flow of “Balancing The Dark” into “Alma Mater” is a showstopper. It is highly reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and is absolutely mind bending; with “Alma Mater” curling hooks around monumental rhythm structures. “A Flood Of Light” erupts with emotion, wrapped in a beautiful darkness that is ushered by Eva’s switch between harsh and melodic vocals. The rhythm section comprised of bassist Nathan Fairweather, and drummer Tom Pitts, is exceptionally tight, cradling the softer moments and driving home the track’s extremities in a cathartic manner. The awe-inspiring bridge is one of the band’s strongest atmospheric moments; the flooding synth and bass are mesmerizing. The heaviness of “Whispers Among Us” perfectly sets the listener up for the hopeful, ringing piano chords in the introduction of “Contretemps” before taking the listener upon some of the most expansive and breathtaking moments of the album. After tearing through the last distorted soundscape, the band’s final shift in sound arrives with delicate, climbing piano and angelic vocals. “Risen” presents itself as the perfect closer, almost a backward glance at the dynamic journey from “Towards Dawn” and “Aftermath”. A moving conclusion, casting one last beam of light out from the darkness layered throughout.

Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It shows a band that has come into a league of their own, rediscovering themselves, and taking a massive step forward creatively. The band’s evolution and exploration of sound has forged one of most exciting albums of 2018, and stands as their most refined output yet.

Rating: 4.75/5



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