Angel Du$t – Rock the Fuck on Forever

Release Date: 5/20/16

Angel Du$t’s Rock the Fuck on Forever is a unique entry in hardcore’s canon. Imagine if you will, the Ramones – keeping the melodic hooks and raw sound in mind, except instead of the band looking to The Beach Boys and ’50’s Rock N’ Roll for inspiration, look towards modern hardcore and several era’s of rock-based pop music. The band themselves describe their sound as The Lemonheads meet Bad Brains, which doesn’t seem too off the mark either. I suppose you can just call it hardcore for people who don’t like hardcore. Or pop music for those who only dabble in hardcore. The hookiness of the vocal melodies must be re-emphasized. Every song on this album has the potential to get stuck in your head.

With a run time of just 21 minutes, these songs blow by. One after another – just incredibly solid high-energy melodic hardcore – each track basically a pop song through the veneer of hardcore. Check the references to pop music contained within the track listing: “Ready 2 Receive U”, clearly stylized in the vein of Prince; “Twist N’ Shout”, one of the most famous pop songs the world has known (also one of the slower paced and unique tracks on the album).

There are some unexpected moments sprinkled throughout as well: the tranquil, layered vocal harmonies in “Bad Thing” come from a place hardcore bands rarely go. The same track also contains nods to surf-rock; the Shoegaze-y instrumental interlude “Cool Inside You”; the sax solo in “Stranger Things”.

Ultimately, this is a winning combination of sound and influence, and based on the band members’ other recent output (such as Trapped Under Ice’s 2017 release Heatwave), I think it’s safe to say we can expect more awesomeness very soon. Hopefully they do indeed rock the fuck on forever.

Highlights: “Toxic Boombox”, “Ready 2 Receive U”, “Stay”, “Headstone”, “Hurt You Bad”
Rating: 4.5/5
Purchase: Bandcamp



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