New Found Glory – Tip of the Iceberg EP

Release Date: 04/29/08

Several members of New Found Glory have long been involved in hardcore side-projects, but kept New Found Glory around presumably to make a living. Musically, the band’s never so much as hinted at a hardcore background, yet here they mix these sounds to surprising effect, and even give as entire second half of straight-up hardcore as their alter ego The International Superheroes of Hardcore.

The EP starts out with the EP’s namesake “Tip of the Iceberg”. From the opening moments you’ll wonder why New Found Glory haven’t been playing this fast all along. There’s even hardcore-style gang vocals and the track ends with a change-picking-up breakdown and bleeds excellently into the heavier beginning of “Dig My Own Grave”. The vocal melodies are all pop punk, but they are seriously decent melodies, and the combination allows you to feel a little more cool for listening to what is ostensibly pop punk, after all.

The last original New Found Glory track, “If You Don’t Love Me”, falls more in line with the punk aspects of hardcore, and the guitar lead in the chorus is perhaps more on the pop-punk side of things, but considering it’s a highly-energized and more sped-up-than-normal version of the genre, it winds up being all the more memorable for it.

The remaining three tracks are all covers: “No Reason Why” by Gorilla Biscuits… not suitable for Jordan’s vocals in my opinion, and easily the worst of all 18 tracks; a fantastic cover of Shelter’s “Here We Go”, which is stylistically closest to the three original tracks that kicks the EP off. Of course, it’s just a cover, but it’s a really powerful and emotive track. The verse melodies are simply sublime; finally, there’s the relatively faithful, yet still really cool Lifetime cover: “Cut the Tension”.

On the second half (run time-wise) of this release, you’ll find 12 additional short & straight-forward hardcore tracks as NFG’s alter ego International Superheroes of  Hardcore, with lead vocals provided instead by guitarist Chad Gilbert. The lyrics are comedic and the songs themselves are actually of decent hardcore stock. It’s good clean fun (see what I did there?), and certainly well worth a listen.

Highlights: “Tip of the Iceberg”, “Dig My Own Grave”, “Here We Go”

Rating: 4/5

Purchase: Amazon


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