Fluoride – Fluoride

Release Date: 03/07/17

Did you know you need Powerviolence in your life?

The Philadelphia-based Powerviolence band Fluoride’s self-titled debut album is an unrelenting exercise in raw aggression. Did you know a bands sound could make you feel homesick for an entire region? When I saw this band was originally from New Brunswick, NJ it just made intuitive sense. This could only come from the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region of the US. Fuckin’ Idaho…

Now I don’t typically reference bands in a “for fans of” manner, but due to the relative obscurity of the genre designation I’ll mention a few that if you’re a fan of, it means you need to give this album a listen: Spazz, Infest, Capitalist Casualties, Nails, and even early Pig Destroyer.

Released just last year, this 8-song 15-minute release is a shot of adrenaline to your veins. This is not to say there aren’t moments of nuance. There are several moments of breathing room atypical to most of the bands listed above. In fact, 8 songs in 15 minutes is itself unusual for the genre. There are plenty of moments of guitar feedback, purposeful static from amplifiers, and heavy doom-like musical passages, such as on “Restraint”, where for half the track the band shows um, restraint, before taking off with blastbeats and piercing vocal shrieks (I mean this in the best kind of way).

The production on this release is spot-on as well, I shan’t neglect to mention – it strikes the perfect balance between rawness and clarity and would fit perfectly alongside the scenes brief arguable heydey of the mid-to-late ’90’s.

If you can handle running for 15-and-a-half minutes, I highly recommend doing so to this album. Also, if you can’t handle running for 15-and-a-half minutes, I recommend running.

This is essential listening in an underrepresented genre.

Rating: 4/5
Purchase: Bandcamp


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